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Ethiopia Medium Roast Coffee Beans are freshly roasted coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia. They are carefully roasted in small batches in order to bring out their unique flavors, aroma, and characteristics to you. This single-origin coffee is rich and smooth, with a medium body and light acidity. The flavor profile is complex and has notes of exotic fruits, dark chocolate, and delicate florals. These coffee beans are ideal for espresso, drip, pour-over, and cold brew coffee drinks.

Whole Bean: 340 grams /12oz
It comes in a Recyclable paper bag with a viewing window to see the beans.

Ground Coffee Beans: 340 grams /12oz. It comes in a Recyclable paper bag without viewing the window.

Shipping- 5-7 business days. For the freshest quality, we roast to order.

*Product packaging my vary from the photos.


We use recyclable paper bags to hold the coffee; we ship our products via recyclable cardboard boxes/all packing material is biodegradable and 100% natural. Our *K-cups are BPA-free and #5 recyclable We do not use vinyl or any other petroleum-based products. Our facility is state of the art with Air Roast technology. We use solar and other renewable energy to roast and prepare coffee.


What frequency should I choose?

It all depends on your coffee consumption. We recommend monthly, but it is subjective.

Can you help me choose which coffee to order?

Of course! Contact us on our contact page and our team will be happy to assist you.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You certainly can cancel your coffee subscription whenever you'd like. Make sure to let us know a week in advance so we can properly document it!

Customer Reviews

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Brittany F.
A must try.

I use their coffee subscription and am so happy with the flexibility and delicious coffee. A must try.

May Y.
Very pleased!

The staff here knows their stuff and are never pretentious. Will be continuing my subscription!

Carl P.
Very consistent and delicious.

I really enjoy all the coffees this shop offers. Very consistent and delicious. Highly recommend. 🔥

Tam B.
It is the perfect coffee setup gift!

My partner is very specific with their coffee, and the staff helped me buy the perfect coffee setup gift!

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